London Dalston this Sunday - drummer needed

Looking for a strong drummer for a trip-hop/jazz band, join the jam session this Sunday at Pirate Dalston. I have a lot of new songs and ideas I’d like to produce and I am recruiting for a live band.

Hi there, would you be able to give me some more specific music references to see if there is a fit, and can you tell me at what time you would like to rehearse on Sunday? Cheers, Francesco

Hi Francesco, thanks for your message. It is a fairly wide range of styles I usually play, here you can listen to some of my older music projects if that helps:

Perhaps Massive Attack are a good reference, but also more jazzy stuff like Billy Cobham, Pat Metheny, most of the funk bands (inc. Chad Smith)…

BTW this ad was for last Sunday, nothing happening this Sunday but I can book a jam next week.

I have a guitarist on board too and working to attract a bassist too.


Also if you could play like the drummer of The Roots, that’s it;)

Hi Ivan, thanks for the full answers. Style-wise we should be good, happy also if you want to venture into odd metrics and more prog stuff, since you mentioned Billy the father of fusion drumming and master Pat, whom I have seen live a few times back in the day.

Apologies for mixing up the date, but if you set a new one please keep me posted. And I know it’s tough to find bass players!

Hi Francesco,

No problem at all re odd rhythms and prog rock patterns, back in the day I used to be (and still am) a huge fan of the music of Robert Fripp, Van Der Graff Generator / Peter Hammill, the older Genesis years, Marillion, and some more in these styles. I forgot to mention other stuff like PJ Harvey, Jamiroquai, Fat Freddys Drop, Thievery Corporation, London Elektricity, to name just a few that are a constant presence in my headphones.

So perhaps let’s get together to jam and see if things can work out. I have a list of older and newer original pieces I’d like to make new arrangements to for a live band, and then record for an EP. I will let you know when I plan to book the next session.

Bass players are indeed hard to find, luckily I play a bit of bass - both on bass guitar and on analog synths. The bass player I currently play with in a differrent band is an amazing session musician, but a bit too much into jazz for my needs - but he is keen to try my music so we’ll see if he joins.

Hey Francesco, I hope you are well. I thought I’d mention that we have a gig at Temple of Arts and Music (TAM) tonight, the first part will be some jazz impro with the band and the second part the actual African/pop/jazz songs. Perhaps you could pop in to say hi and listen to the first part? I know it is short notice, if you can’t make it then I’ll update you here on the next jam session date. Cheers

Hey mate, are you around for a jam rehearsal around 25th/26th August? Cheers, Ivan

HI, sorry for late reply, just saw it…25th or 26th are you thinking during the day or the evening?

Hey no worries at all, I am in fact free on Friday to Saturday and then also Monday, possibly Sunday evening too. I usually book a whole day or midday to midnight, so just let me know what days and times would work for you?

This Friday I can do it from 12:00 to 17:00 if it works for you.
Saturday more tentative at the same time.
Monday is a bank holiday and my son is around so I am off-limits!
I am on Whatsapp, 07716 360208, probably easier than relying on this chat.
Also, since I don’t know Dalston, please let me know if there are parking spaces at the rehearsal place. Ciao ciao

Hey Francesco, that’s great thnanks. I am on whatsapp too on 07754 966039, I’ll drop you a message shortly. I’ll check the availability at teh studio for Friday and Saturday and will get back to you, also need to check with my guitarist if he’s available during these times too.
I think you can park on the street just outside of the studio in Dalston - it’s on a small street, not sure if you need to pay to park there - I don’t drive in London (well, I do my best to avoid it at last) so can’t tell for sure. But the drummer of the other band I play in regularly brings his car and parks so I guess it’s fine. You can check the Dalston studio details here for more info:

Also, if another Pirate venue is easier / more convenient for you, let me know. I am in NE London, so Dalston and Tottenham and Hackney are the most convenient ones, but Hackney doesn’t have many rehearsal studios and Tottenham is a bit less well maintained, so I go to Dalston. Notting Hill is quite great, but a bit far from me, and I carry a lot of synths and gear by cab so I prefer Dalston.

Anyway, catch you later on whatsapp.

Dalston studio info:

Driving? Please use the paid council car park to the rear of the building on Bentley Road. It’s in operation Mon-Sat 7:00—19:00, however, it is free to use at other times. Prices start from £1.80 an hour, learn more.

That’s fine, let’s use Dalston to start with, more important to see if we can make some good sounds at this point. I am in Ladbroke Grove so the Latimer Road Pirate venue is super convenient for me.