Looking for a Music Studio, that is dedicated to working with the local community

I am looking for a music studio, that offers studio time, dedicated to working with the community. Access to free time, to record and produce songs. I know it is very rare, that studios, offer this, but perhaps, more should.

There are some talented people out there, with no hope of allowing their creativity to be heard, because the financial constraints are enormous. If you do, or know of a community music studio, that does. Please do get in touch.


There are a few places in Camden which support young artists - despite the equipment not being the best the roundhouse only charges a few quid per hour to book their studios. A few youthclubs in/near and around Camden such as soapbox have very cheep studios for young people to book and I believe Coram Fields have a studio for use.

But pirate is a great place for people to go to, they have decent equipment for the price and there isn’t a massive risk with them. Its a great place to start off at, bring a laptop and plug and play.

Thanks @KnockDownGinger!

Pirate works with a lot of charities via the Sony Music Fund, and we try as often as we can to give back to the community via projects like The Project Fund, our residencies and events. We’ve recently launched a new recording studio type in Tottenham, Recording Lite, which is lower cost than the other options — flat hourly rate.

I’d also suggest going in with other people on a longer booking, could be a great way to collaborate. From about the 4th hour of a booking you start to get the bigger discounts. I hope this helps and if I do come across any other community options I’ll let you know!

Thank you for your response. I am based in West London, are there any options in that area? I will also check out the Sony Music Fund and The Project Fun, as mentioned, too.

Appreciate the feedback!

Hi there,

It’s not so much for young people, but more adults, who are part of a community project that are on low incomes/benefits and can’t afford the expensive rates ordinarily. Pioneering a creative space, for a disenfranchised group, who are creative, would benefit so many people. Alas, at the moment, no one has thought about them and only seem to offer spaces for young people!

Thank you for your response, all the same. I appreciate the feedback!

I’m not sure how old you are (age is just a number right?!) but I know the Bollo Brook Youth Club in Acton offers their studio space to people, and we have worked with them before. In North London, CONEL offers free education and classes in music — we will hopefully be working closely with them soon to supplement their studio spaces.

Again, will keep thinking, it’s a good question!