Looking for Artists that can join us on a podcast in London


I am the host of ‘Above the clouds’ podcast, and we are relaunching, with a new theme.
We are going to be breaking down one song per episode, and discussing how it relates to the current social and psychological climate. Whether it’s a political song, or a song about love or heartbreak, we will discuss it all to the fullest.

We would love to collaborate with artists/producers, that will both join us in the discussion, as well as perform short cover version of the song, whether that will be playing a remixed version (produced by yourselves), singing a verse and a hook live (acoustic or acapella), or dropping some bars related to the topic, or both.

We will be using the Dalston studio, so, ideally, the guest/artist should be able to travel to the studio. Look forward to hearing from you.

Stay blessed


This sounds interesting
If on ig follow @lelabwrld I will follow back I may have few artist and producers for you

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This sounds pretty interesting! How can I find out more about what you’re doing?

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Hi there
I have several electronic songs that I will be happy to share with you.

Kind regards

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wow! what a lovely idea. i would love to participate but i am in New york(US) if there is anyway i can still be a part of this. Virtually let me know.

I go by the artist Sydmac

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This is something I am interested in doing. Will have to get the train down, but is sure doable. Depending on dates, I will have a listen back to your previous podcasts on spotify. I take its here

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That’s right yeah. I messaged you as well.

Hi There, Sym & The Shady Branch Band released a charity song last year called ‘Saving Lives’ and we’re donating all the royalties to the NHS Charities Together Covid 19. The song is off our album ‘Wishes from an empty glass’ and is about a paramedic and his day to day trials and tribulations.

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I sent you a message :+1:t5:

I would be interested in this. Sounds interesting. hit me up.

This is cool! Check out my latest song here. It´s about the fomo and loneliness people experience because of the restrictions during the pandemic.

Interested in taking part of the discoussion and will be happy to perform a version as well :love_you_gesture:t3:

All the best,

Spotify: Villains & I - No One Left To Die

Instagram: Henrikjnt