Looking for some DJ lessons

Hi all

I’m looking for some 1on1 lessons at either Cheltenham or reading.

I live in Swindon so will to travel to either of them two studios

Kind regards

Hi. I am still very much a beginner but also live in Swindon and use Cheltenham. I tend to use Cheltenham on a weekday at 5.00pm (on my way back from work in Evesham). What genre you in to?

Im in to all sort of music I tend to mix tech house or funky house.

What the Cheltenham studio like? Have been to either yet.

Only used Cheltenham. Its decent. Easy to get to, i go in from the M5 rather than through Cheltenham. Gear has always been fine, very used obviously but all works! Great sounding, and loud!! I run a macbook rather than USB sticks as i need to stream.

That cool will definitely travel down there and try it out. How long you been DJing/streaming. If u drop us a link I will try and join a few of your stream. Also what music are you into.