Looking for someone to mix+ master my songs. Been struggling to find a good engineer for a few months

I’ve been struggling to find a good engineer who can mix and master my songs for a long time, I’ve got about 5 unmixed songs waiting to get done… if anyone can mix them that would be appreciated

Hi I’m an mixing and Mastering Engineer I have been engineering for more the 13 years you can listen to some of the work I have done here

Dm at vasco.inthemix if you’re interested on working with me

Hey, what sort of genre/style are your songs?

Hip hop / rap

More to the trap music side

Hi Rhys @RJ13776452! Thanks so much for taking the time to post this in our community. Wishing you the best of luck with this project! :slight_smile:

Hi, we’ve just launched an online service for this. We’re giving away 1 free mix credit upon signup for the next few weeks. You can find out more here


Hi, I am a sound engineer but currently away on holiday until Sunday. If you send one track, I will mix and master it for free to see if you like the quality.

Hey, I can mix and master. Here’s my Instagram @volyumeup.

Message me on there for more info

Hi, I am Ezra Sobok a mixing and mastering engineer bases in the UK. I want to suggest that you send me one of the tracks I will mix it for free. If you like it, then we can talk about the remaining 4 tracks. You can contact me on

sounds good. do you have any social media or email so i can contact u

can the AI on your website mix my vocals along with the beat?

Hi Rhys,

You can create and try out as many mixes as you want. You only need to pay if you’re happy with the finished output and want to download it. It can definitely mix vocals with beats!

My email is

I will send you 2 versions to select from.

I can highly recommend 2 people: and

Hi There, my music partner, Nick Pasztor mixes and engineers our songs. +44 7590 256849. Give him a call? Regards Sym