Looking for the coolest crappiest drummer + More chicken empanadas

Looking for a likeminded madcap drummer who looks super cool and can hit things hard - I dont even care if you’re not good you just need to look cool! Cool dress sense and whatnot. oh also have a few screws loose

People keep ignoring this part of the Ad and wasting mine and their time. infact nah send me your IG @shakyhandsmcg

I play guitar and i love pedals / effects but also a fan of straight forward indie rock blues thrash - into some experimental space stuff too - ideally want to play with fast slow dynamics and just make some cool sounds. Dont ask me to always play slow its not fun : (

if you enjoy a drink and a toke and are passionate about music youll be good - Please know about gear, not that kind but the musical kind

Need to turn up on time - if you’re an hour+ late every week and being late is part of your character then maybe best to not bother?

i meant it when i said look cool! have some character in your wardrobe! IF you play guitar or bass and think you fit the cool profile message me aswell

IG @ShakyHandsmcg / Whatsapp 07762707563

Shout me!