Manchester All Booked Out?

I’ve just moved to Manchester and am looking to book out one of the recording rooms - it seems as though they’re all booked out forever?

Is this normal or is there currently an issue with the rooms?

It’s the same thing in Sheffield. All booked up until the 24th January 2023, and then all of a sudden completely available. Must be an issue with the booking system or something.

Hey! The Sheffield studios have been closed for maintenance and repairs but we expect to open them very, very soon (in a matter of days)!

Welcome to Pirate Community! We’re really sorry that the recording rooms are currently offline in our Manchester Ancoats studios. Sadly, someone has pinched the mics. We’re working on it though and hope to have the studios available for you asap!

Also for Leicester dj rooms are all "booked"out for months and months

Yes Ancoats NEVER have any room. Is there only 1 room there?
Anyway… try Salford just by Media City. Not so far and generally available when booking a week in advance.