Mentorship for DJ Lessons


Since I am new to Pirate, I have a question. As someone without experience with DJing, do you allow mentoring lessons at one of your locations? I can only book a studio from your site, but I’m not sure if I can find someone who can teach me how to be a DJ? Can you help me with that, please?

I don’t work for pirate, but can tell you that you can do anything you like. When you rent a studio you can bring a couple other people with you (I think they limit at 3-5 per studio depending on size).

So if you can find a mentor, then you can just bring them along. It won’t be an issue :slight_smile:

See lots of people jamming together in a studio all the time.

Take a look at “We Are Crossfader” for lessons and tutorials. Those guys are brilliant, I’ve completed a few of their courses. They have plenty of YouTube tutorials on the set up at Pirate to get you started!

Hey Robbie, I run private DJ lessons at pirate studios so yes you can do lessons there if you find a tutor around your area. Pirate are also working on launching a tutors database that I believe will integrate with their website and you’ll be able to book both the studio and a tutor. Not sure when it’s launching so probably just keep an eye out on their socials,or if I remember I can let you know on here when it’s live

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