Mixer and master needed for my track

I currently have a song needing mixing and mastering which I can attend a session at your Birmingham studio who can mix and master vocals. I have no idea how to book or get myself booked in with the company as it’s not clear enough which I’ve been told to post this :confused:

Hey, I’m a mix engineer based in Leeds. I can’t come to Birmingham unfortunately but would love to work remotely with you if you were interested.

I include a video call with all bookings so we can discuss any revisions needed in real-time.

Shoot me an email at if you’re interested!

Hey I’m interested on checking out your project send me an email and let’s discuss on how I can help you. Thanks speak soon

Hello! At Pirate we don’t offer mixing/mastering (just the studio and listed equipment), so you’ve made the right move posting here. To recap, what we suggest you do is:

  • Find an engineer
  • Mutually agree on a time/session length and the deliverables — I always suggest getting a contract or terms down in writing
  • Use your Pirate account to book the studio time
  • Get to work

Hope this helps and good luck finding the right person to work with!

Also we provide mixing and mastering in London though, get in touch if your interested - on Instagram as @hl_music