Need production partner

Looking for producer who’s good in rap/hip hop/ grime or drill genres for new upcoming mc for possible collaboration and 30% rights of all music sold.
Need someone with passion for the music

Hi man, Im a producer have experience in alternative, ambient, hip hop, rap and hip house. Check my soundcloud, currently working on a few rap projects and some hip house stuff not uploaded yet

Yo KA,

I got some serious bangers for you, if you’re interested, I would love to send you a beat package.

Can you specify the sound you’re looking for?


Hello - This sounds right up my street. What’s the next step - I’m ready to go.


Hi there sorry if this response was slow but im looking for beats which are more leaning towards rap but not so sure because i find that the beat fits the mood in different times.
Feel free to attach any beats and ill be sure to give them a listen. Thank you & stay blessed

I’m gonna drop two more, so you can see I flip all type of shit.

Let me know If you’re looking for something more traditional or soulful

This is fire bro im just out here trying to make it on my rapping but with beats like this im surprised you havent been signed :100:can vibe with these fr, we can be big for sure with this level of fire

Thanks man.

Like this piece I’m working on right now, sampling the great Ann Bridgeforth

Fr your work is great have you got a contact?

Sent you a message. Do you got things out yet?

Hey man, love a rap/hip hop vibe but if you want some let me know, I just released some free ones on my beat stars a while back here’s the link


Yo bro hope your well. I’m a DJ/Producer out of London. Would love to send you through some beats. Would be great to hear some samples of how your sound so I can find something to fit your style. I’m actually working on my own EP and would love to get someone from the community here on it

Does anyone here produce R&B, Neo-soul type tracks?

I would be interested in working with you…
check out my soundcloud

Hey thanks for offering I did Check out your soundcloud and the tracks are good but they didn’t sound like my particular style.

yh message me on instagram, jordanthefio

Hope you are well, These are just some beats. Im down to work with you fasho, If you down too, pls feel free to shoot me a message on instagram : jordanthefio


Check me out on YT -

Can create custom instrumentals in many styles and had music on radio all over the UK including 1xtra.

Please drop me a line to discuss further.