**PIRATE FEEDBACK WANTED: Have your say for credit!**

Hey all - we’re looking for some DJs, bands and solo artists to give us some open, honest feedback on recording at Pirate via an interview. In return we’ll give you a tenner off your next session.

You’ll partake in a 30-45 min call with some guided online tasks. You’ll need a solid internet connection, a laptop and + mobile.

If you fancy taking part, simply drop your contact email below we’ll be in touch with a few of you!


Hey, my email is I would be happy to help

Here is my email! I frequent the NYC studios.

Hey I’d be down to take part in this!

My email is

Hi, my email is
I’d be happy to help

drop me a private message

my email is and would be happy to take part

I’d be down for this!

Hey I’ve done some DJ recording/streaming and would be happy to take part.

I’m super down! I’ve done production work with recording artists.

I’d love to,

Yes please

My email is

Thank you

Yeah, I’d be game to give feedback.

GMT time zone, Cardiff is my local studio.

I’m happy to answer some questions: