Pirate Stu 101 for DJ’s

I just had my first Pirate Studio’s sesh last night, and boy what a learning experience was that. For pretext, I only booked an hour assuming my setup was going to be fast as fuk. It wasn’t, I spent my whole hour realizing that my usb flash drive was not compatible with the decks. You could imagine how heart breaking this was, but my boy Noir managed to get through to support to let them know the issue we ran into. The beautiful support team ruled out or issue to being the flash drive, and issued us a credit to re book our hour again.

My point here is don’t be like me, and go into the stu with an age old flash drive thinking you’re about to mix and dip. I had to learn the hard way that getting the right usb flash drive is important. I’ve ordered a new flash drive off of Amazon, the SanDisk 258GB Ultra USB 3.0. I picked this one because through my research, I noticed a lot of other DJ’s listed this one among others. The price is fair for the flash drive, $20 off of Amazon. Now I’m patiently waiting for my new flash drive, and have my come back sesh booked.

Let’s hope I don’t have to make another blog post with another issue that the DJ gods want me to learn the hard way.