Pirate Studios, Tottenham

Our local Pirate Studios is Tottenham. There are usually no equipment issues (apart from dummers not returning felts and washers to the cymbal stands) and on occasion, we have 'phoned Pirate Support only to find no-one answering. On another note, the vending machine in the communal area has not been restocked for months and months and more recently, the toilet paper hasn’t been replenished… in all seriousness, how often does Tottenham Studios get a maintainence/re-stock/clean-up? Could I suggest it’s done a little more frequently please. All the best

Hey, thanks so much for the feedback! We have our site manager, Ryan, there five days a week. I’ll be sure to let him know so he can look into this with the cleaning company.

Out of interest, what number are you phoning? The best and fastest way to get in touch is WhatsApp +44 7446 669061 or


Hi Amber, thanks for responding. When we have phoned, it’s been to the number on the notices in the rehearsal rooms. We’re hoping you’ll also be looking into restocking the drinks/snacks vending machine too. All the best, Mark

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I’ve just heard back (very dedicated team we have!) and we’re getting a new supplier for the vending machines, that’s why it’s been a bit bare for a while. Cool, that number works too!