Pirate Tuesday - £5 credit in everyone's account

Merry studios-being-back-fully-from-tomorrow!

We’ve gifted a little £5 credit to everyone from our UK, IE + DE locations. Get back in there, make that Xmas number one.

The credit expires 9am tomorrow - so get to it!

Book for tomorrow onwards, now:

For full updated restrictions and capacity updates, visit here:


Thanks for this guys! I used it towards time getting some new vocals recorded last week.


That’s awesome! Would love to hear what you’re working on once it’s ready top share :slight_smile:

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Yeah man, definitely will get some stuff up when it is in a decent enough shape. Slowly working on an album, recording most at home and then Vocals and occasionally guitars at Pirate in Greenwich. You guys have felt like a band member over this shitty year. You’ve really helped out tons!

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