Pirate updates: March 2022

Hi everyone, I wanted to update you on the latest Pirate news:

  • Project Fund. The recipients of this year’s Project Fund have been chosen.** From 2,750 applicants, 21 judges have selected 3 who will get free access to Pirate’s worldwide studio network throughout 2022. The successful applicants are: Brixton Chamber Orchestra from London, Lord Scorpio from New York and MARGO from Hamburg. You can learn more about all 3 projects here.

  • Price per hour. Cheeky little update from our Product team, you can now see the price per hour split when you’re searching to make a booking. Really good for understanding how much you are saving in the long sessions.

  • Sheffield. Sadly still closed due to delays in finding a suitable contractor to help with repairs. IT IS GOING TO REPOPEN. Will keep you posted with dates.

  • Birmingham. We’ve listened to some community feedback about safety. We are taking this on board and introducing a ‘Safe to Play’ approach, which means guards on every night from 6pm and asking for ID and booking proof, bag searches, only allowed limited alcohol per person etc. Your safety is our number one priority.

From last month…

  • Cancellations. It’s now even easier to manage your sessions. You can now cancel your booking yourself anytime before your session starts to receive a refund in credit. Conditions apply. Learn more.
  • Monthly rentals. We’re still looking to do some longer bookings in the UK and Germany. If you’re interested, email Some people are keen on sharing the space, to find someone, I’d suggest posting here.

Please do share your feedback, always happy to listen!