Podcast collaboration with vocalists, artists and/or producers

Hi all

My name is Carl, and I am launching a new podcast in the coming months. The podcast is predominantly focuses on personal development, relationships and building a community, and this is all done through the dissection of music, and breaking down it’s content.

We would love to collaborate with artists and producers. So for example, if we were to talk about/break down a Jodeci song, we would like to ask a vocalist to either make a short cover version for the podcast, or just an acapella. For producers, we would like it, if a remixed (but familiar) version of the song could be made, so we can use for that episode. This will be a potentially on-going collaboration/relationship.

As an artist/producer, your talents will get more exposure, with us (the host) shouting you out and promoting you, letting listeners know where they can find you, including your socials. Of course, we will benefit by having some original homegrown sounds too :slight_smile: .

Please let me know, if this is project that you will be inspired to commit and be part of.

Look forward to hearing from you, and excited to work with you in the near future.

Stay Blessed



I am an Artists as well as a Media personality and I’m always down to do podcasts. I’ve been on several and love expanding my Network!

please check me out on instagram

ps check out my

peace and love

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Thank you for reaching out.
We are currently exploring artist that can come into the studio, and I’m assuming your in the US. We are based in the UK, so we are predominantly looking for local artists.
As soon as we start recording remote sessions, which will hopefully be soon, we will be in touch.

Thanks again for reaching out. Stay in touch

By the way, that ‘outside the box’ tune is fire.

Peace n love

hi, i am a producer, I am interested in getting involved

my instagram: jordanthefio

Hey sounds amazing!
I am a new artist and so far what a journey it has been.
Where are you based? Definitely sounds interesting.
My IG is @Ayygabriella if you want a nose.

Hey what’s up i go by the name @freaklottothedj on IG i host a podcast inside pirate studios weekly and i like to shine light on upcoming artist , designers, actor etc on my show if anyone wanna collaborate or support they cuz check out our IG @blameitonthedrinkspod

You can also check out podcast out on all podcast streaming services. :ear:t4::+1:t4: