Pricing Changes In the DJ Studios

Has anyone else noticed the drastic price increase for the DJ studios recently?

I’m not sure when it happened but all of a sudden prices are up considerably high to compared a few weeks ago (pre-lockdown maybe)

Usually Pirate are quite good with communications, always sending us newsletters and emails about the latest goings-on, but i didn’t receive anything from them regarding the changes in price, seems a bit out of order that.

They’ve not even announced anything on Twitter (where i originally found them) or anything… does anyone reckon they did that on purpose to avoid any pushback?

I’m a bit annoyed by it tbh.

I second this! Definitely strange that customers weren’t informed :frowning:

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They introduced a new pricing level. It was initially only off peak and on peak. Now they introduced Prime time. From what I remember its the whole weekend! I second what you say. There was no announcement and it’s out of order.

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I noticed about a month ago the same happened with the rehearsal studios, it was really annoying because I’d budgeted for the original price and had to spend more (my band is recording our first EP so everything is self-funded, every penny counts when we have to pay for studio time, artwork, distribution, promotion etc.)

Hey @AZ46723085, @sianforshort, @JN67195830, @LongwaterProductions. Firstly, thanks so much for the feedback. I’m really glad to see Community being used as a way for us to hear directly from our customers. As a first step, I’m going to pass your comments directly to our pricing team - it’s always useful for them to see how Pirates are feeling about the changes. The team here is trying to find a standardised way of pricing all of our studios across the UK and EU, this has led to a number of studio-level changes to our hourly rates. To be honest, this is an ongoing test that could be subject to change, so we didn’t want to formally announce via our usual channels in case things were to shift again. This kind of feedback is really useful though and helps to inform future decisions. Thanks again ~ Dan

Hi Dan, good to know the reasoning behind it. I don’t mind the prices changing as long as I have advanced warning of it and can plan ahead accordingly

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Makes total sense. Thanks again for the feedback.

nah, i don’t buy that for a second tbh

you lot were pretty good with communications up and until that point, there wasn’t a week that would go by you wouldn’t send out some kind of email or newsletter updating us on the current going’s on at Pirate. then suddenly the prices change CONSIDERABLY and we don’t hear a peep from you about it

worst off, when i posed the question about price changes on Twitter a few weeks ago, i received no response and original tweet i replied too was promptly deleted. which lead me to believe you lot purposely choose not to update your customers because you knew the price changes wouldn’t be received well

you tried to sneak the changes in off the back of the lockdown restrictions easing and hoped no-one would notice, when in fact the very same people on here who have been booking rooms at Pirate consistently during the entirety of lockdown were the ones who were going to be affected worse by the changes, it’s totally out of order tbh

we understand prices wouldn’t stay the same forever, but we were owed a heads up at the very least.

@AZ46723085 Hey there. Completely understand your frustration here and firstly want to apologise for the way this has come across. We definitely aim for transparency on these types of changes and can see we’ve not hit the mark on this one. I’ve sent you a private message on Twitter - would love to have a phone chat on this in person next week and get your views in person. As I mentioned earlier, this type of feedback is really valuable and I want to make sure its communicated to the relevant team at Pirate. Cheers ~ Dan