Producer/singer seeking drummer and keyboard player for live band

Hey! I make indie-electronic music and I’m looking for a drummer and a keyboard/synth player to start performing live with. I am based in London and am fairly flexible with where to meet within the city.

Looking to start rehearsals soon (in the next few months or so). Would be keen to meet up for a coffee to chat and then see from there if we’d work well together. Also keen to help with your projects in any capacity you’d need.

Any questions feel free to ask below or message me directly. You can check out the kind of stuff I make on my profile. Cheers!

Hey Pascal, hope you’re doing well! I’m Matt and I’ve been playing drums on and off for about 15 years now.

I’m looking to get back into it more and would love to have a chat about working and playing together to see if our styles would suit each other - I love the sound of your music.
Let me know when would be best for you!


Hey Matt,

Just sent you a message!