Producer/Writer in Leeds

I’m a new writer producer in Leeds. My favorite genres are American hip hop/rnb/funk of an alternative variety. Looking for singers who want to demo some songs and ideas I’ve written and collaborate on ideas and see if we vibe out.

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You got a page you can send like insta etc., I’m in a group combining alt hip hop with alt rock among other things, might be a good collab.

Nah. Not yet. But that sounds amazing. You got anything I can hear?

I’ll need ya insta or something to chat. Making a demo atm

I’ll make one. Can I ask what the demo is about?

The end of the world! :slight_smile:

Lewneetunez is my IG. Just started it. And end of the world music? I think I’d like to send some ideas. They’d be skeletal tracks. But I’d need to know what sounds you’re using. Small snippets would work. I need some inspiration.

I rap and sing, I’m down to collab, you got anything online?