Hi all,

I’m a professional dancer and model from Burnley UK.

I moved out of my parents last year at 25 years old. I started using my experience I had gained through my past to understand and create art, ultimately to spread love, light and positivity round the world.

I am looking to collaborate with a producer who understands success is measured in time. I have all the time in the world to work on what I want and need in life.

I’m at a stage where I have structure and balance to take charge of my life and stay in control of my emotions.

I’m a very creative person, I have a following of 47K currently on Tik Tok > Jakebdon

I don’t intend on slowing down. I want to speed up and work with a patient producer. If anyone can help I would much appreciate any input.


Jake Donlan

Hi Jake @JD14486361! Thanks for sharing this awesome story in our community! Best of luck with this and all of your future endeavours! :slight_smile:

Hi jake, if you are looking for a producer, I am assuming you want to get into making music and recording. I think that story sounds very inspirational and you seem like a bright young man who has clear life goals. I would love to work with you on some music, I typically do UK drill but can do any genre. To get in contact, shoot me an email

or text me on 07955506037

Thank You. Happy To Be Sharing :pray:

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