Reggae Musicians at Pirate Earlsfield?

Bless up. I play down at pirate Earlsfield and always looking for reggae musicians.

Reggae bands can be quite big, including brass sections, percussion, etc additionally to a core riddim section.

Given that please get in touch if reggae is your thing and looking to expand your crew or join a reggae band practicing down at Earlsfield.


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Hey, do you ever need any singers? I love reggae and although its not the music I make myself its the genre I listen to and love the most and I’ve been thinking lately how nice it would be to jam with a reggae band. If you want to connect send me a message here or instagram @brendanettie xx

iam reggae drummer email me

Im a music producer. You can here some of my music here if you like what I do I will definitely come down.

IG: @thebeatfarda