Regular capacity is back + increased 24/7 access

The first of a few changes today, owing to the fantastic manner by which our community has been upholding safety standards: studios are now back to regular capacity for work purposes at your local Pirate location.

Individual studio capacity is available on the booking page, but here’s a quick refresher:

  • Rehearsal: 6 people max (varies by studio)
  • DJ: 5 people max.
  • Recording: 5 people max.
  • Podcast: 6 people max.
  • Dance: 11 people max.

We’re also reopening Norwich, Leicester, Liverpool and Manchester Salford.

Many of your studios will now be available around-the-clock for 24/7 access. Check out our status page for studio opening hours, capacity restrictions and safety guidance. Changes will be in effect for bookings from 10am, 03/02/2021.


Any word on Bradford??

Hi there ~ I don’t have a definite date for Bradford at this stage but if helpful Leeds is open for work purposes.

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Dublin: just to let you know we now have 2x DJ studios open 24/7 for your practice. Enjoy, and stay safe.

I have news! Bradford is open tomorrow (Tuesday 16th) from 10am. Studios are available 24hrs for work purposes only.

Brighton and Hove is also open again for work purposes — check the booking calendar for specific opening times.

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awesome, thank you!

thank you so much for these updates

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Do you have an update on the Croydon branch? It has been saying it is flooded for months. Is it going to be reopened?

Hey mate, sadly it is still mostly in its post-flood state. I can’t share the details, but structurally it suffered a lot of damage, and due to Covid and a few other issues, we’ve been unable to start to address these to our satisfaction. All I can say is hold tight, the team are trying their best :slight_smile:

Hi there. When will live streaming or recording going to be re-introduced to the Liverpool studios please?