Salford rooms


Me and my band have been using your rooms now for about 2 nearly 3 years.

When we first started coming to the Salford unit everything was perfect the open lives in all the pirate rooms all worked giving us a good reference from practices never any issues with mic stands mics wires mixing desks this made the additional cost almost double what we were paying at our previous rooms worth while. For the past 6 months the rooms have been getting worse and worse. All open live functionality in ever room is now not working. This is a big kick in the tits as when I’ve mentioned this in the past on here I was told you had planned to add a new function to the rooms to replace the open live but this hasn’t happened and the open live is now none existent in any pirate rooms. The equipment issues has got to the point where most practices half an hour 45 minutes is spent just trying to get the house equipment desk and mics working.

We tried room 12 tonight as this is a new room to the site so we thought cool this room should have new equipment as it was only created a short while ago. However this was just about the worse room we have been in as soon as you turn on the mixing desk even with nothing plugged in there’s a weird resonant humming that feels like it oscillates or vibrates at a specific frequency and if you play an instrument IE keyboards through it it would the sound would continuously faze in and out and not stay consistent. The wires had been hard pulled under the desk by previous people using the room likely in an attempt to fix the issue but the strange noises persisted with a bit of eq fiddling I managed to get the vocals to a point where they were bearable but still annoying as they would randomly faze from loud to quiet.

We’ve been pretty loyal since we’ve been practicing here but Someone needs to go into these rooms put fresh cables, fresh mic stands as most of them are wobbly and will fall Over at the slightest touch, fresh cables between desks and PAs And stress test all the PAs with vocals and keyboards. and in most rooms fresh microphones. I’ve been having to use a clapped out old behringer mic I’ve had for 10 years cos it’s better quality than what’s provided. And check all desks are operational and functioning correctly. The rooms them selves are great sound great and very little sound bleed from other bands practicing but this equipment issue is becoming a real sticking point for us at this time.

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Hey John, thanks for sharing. It means a lot to me, and my fellow Pirates that you shared this.

Like a lot of businesses over the last 18 months, we’ve felt the pinch of lockdown closures, supply shortages, security and cleaning costs, and inflation. Part of this has been in our tech team, and developing our OpenLive/Pirate Live solution hasn’t gone as smoothly as hoped. However, it is on the way and being tested. I will ask our product manager @Loz_Pirate to post an update, as it sounds like people would be keen to hear how it’s going.

Likewise, we’re fully aware that some of our older sites need some work, as well as the equipment, and we’re planning on giving them the attention they need as soon as we can. We are trialling new mics and mic stands in the next few weeks/months to try and find some which hold up better over time!

I know this isn’t an instant solution, like waving a magic wand, but keep talking to us about what you need and want (support team, here) and we will do our very best to fix the situation. If you want to chat to me directly about this, I’d be more than happy to — drop me a line at