Share Your journey - POOL, The App That Lets Fans Invest In Your Success

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your fans could do more than just stream your music and attend your gigs? What if they could become actual investors in your music career, providing you with additional financial resources to fuel your projects, while also deepening their connection with you?

That’s exactly what POOL does. It’s a platform where your fans can buy and trade Pool Shares, essentially investing in your music journey. This not only offers you financial support to elevate your career, but it also creates a unique bond between you and your fans as they are now able to share in your success.

We want to stress that we don’t interfere with your music rights in any way. Our model is designed to be an additional, no-effort income stream for you while you continue creating your music freely.

We are passionate about helping artists achieve their dreams, and we believe POOL provides a truly unique and beneficial opportunity for you.

Our app is launching soon, and we would be thrilled if you could be part of our initial pool of artists. I’d love to discuss this in more detail and answer any questions you might have. Feel free to drop me an email at or reach out via WhatsApp through this link.

Here’s to your success in music and the exciting opportunities that lay ahead with POOL.

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