Singer / songwriter seeking bandmates

Ahoy! My name is Grey. I’m a vocalist and songwriter getting together a band to perform and record in LA. In need of guitarist and drummer—open to jam and see if we vibe!

Hey Grey, how you doing? I’m down to collab remotely. What type of music do you make and what are your links? Feel free to see some of my [music]. (

Hey!! I checked out your SoundCloud I really like “Beautiful”…
I do singer/songwriter and some rock tracks, maybe I can add a melodic hook to one of your beats?

I’m: :slight_smile:

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Thank you Jean :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah I’m happy to collab!



Hey Grey! I basically jam with a full band, we just don’t have a vocalist. We like to play all kinds of stuff but the main through line for all of us is heavier stuff. What sorts of music are you into?