Solo Drummer Discount?

Hi Pirate folks,

I’ve been busy with work and not drumming as much as I’d like. One thing that would help would be a return of some kind of off-peak drummer discount? The studios are decent value for a band rehersal but even off peak is a bit pricey for a solo drummer if you’re trying to get 4-5 hours a week in.

I think it’s fair for it to be off-peak only, or limit it to the smaller studios. Could even monitor it by giving out only one door code per session or even checking the cameras if you’re worried about folks abusing it.

Membership suggested in another thread could also work well.


I agree! I too am a drummer, and would like to remind real musicians that can practice their guitars/pianos/voices everywhere and don’t have to carry the heaviest bulkiest noisiest “‘musical’”-“instrument” known to man:

Q: “What do you call a drummer without a spouse?”

A: HOMELESS (without a house)

-broke drummers everywhere paying to practice.

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Also, unlike the electronic production suites, you have to punch a rhythm into a human drummer a number of times before they remember it, hence the need for more studio time…

We’ll keep posting bad drummer jokes until we get a discount code.


Why couldn’t the drummer get through his front door?


@bigbadbatch Hey Matt, thanks for sharing! Something we are deffo working on right now. In the meantime, not sure where you are located but if you let me know I can point you in the direction of Rehearsal Lites, smaller cheaper rooms with just drums (BYO cymbals).

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I’m was trying to book few times practice room on Hackney studio. Unfortunately always busy.

Unfortunately, we only have one rehearsal studio at Hackney, so it does get popular! And it’s a Standard — I would recommend trying Dalston for more availability, 15 mins away on the overground.

Yes, completely agree, and I would be happy to do some of the super early morning/late night slots if they had a further discount for this.

Hi @Ambz_Pirate I’m using the Greenwich studios in London.

Trying to save up for an edrum kit so I can put in some hours at home but should maybe bite the bullet on some cymbals.

For anyone following this thread, our Rehearsal Lite studios are now are all going to permanently have cymbals, which hopefully helps a few people out!

We have Rehearsal Lites in: Liverpool, Tottenham, Bristol in the UK and Gowanus in NY.
Coming soon to: Glasgow and Bradford.

Was going to open a new thread but saw this one already open! My nearest pirate studio (Croydon) only has Rehearsal Pro rooms available so is rather expensive for just myself! Other studios would take over an hour to get to. Are there any plans to bring back these discounts?