Storage in salford

Hey we was in Salford at the practice rooms just yesterday there seems to be 5 empty storage how do we get on a waiting list for them?

Hey @atalenoire - we’re actually in the midst of removing lockers. So unfortunately any that are there will be removed shortly. Depending on the location we’ll be either improving the common area for everyone or putting in additional studios! If you have any questions feel free to either give @Dan_Pirate or me a shout :+1:

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Gutted not for me like I take all my gear home but guitarist and drummer wanted to leave a cab and some kit there.

Any possibility the room 8 and 9 open live will be fixed soon been a while since we’ve been able to record the practice in room 8 atleast not used 9 for a while. think only room 7 is working if I remember correctly and as a result is the most oft booked up room.

Let me look into this for you — I’ll let you know!

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Hi; thanks for your patience I finally have an answer. We’re due to replace the OpenLive units in those studios in the relatively near future with something bigger and better. But until then we won’t be supporting those specific studios. Hope this helps!

Speaking of, if you’re keen I would love to interview you about recording (to help develop the new product). If you’re interested message @Loz_Pirate. As thanks for your time we’ll send some sweet credit your way :slightly_smiling_face:

Cool I remember Dan on the discord mentioning something about a new system that would give us more control over what went into the recording. Good to hear that’s still in the pipeline. Sure I’d be happy to do that for you I’m in work at the mo though.

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