Streaming to Twitch from Pirate

Wondering if anyone’s attempted a livestream from Pirate studios? I’m planning on streaming to twitch from my iPhone 12, using either the wifi provided or cellular. (This happens to be the most convenient method, I know it sounds wack). Any thoughts?

Haven’t tried it but the internet would be too bad imo

The biggest challenge you are going to face is the upload speed and where abouts in the studio you are. If you are near to the outside with a very good 4G signal, then you should be ok.

Otherwise, it will appear choppy to viewers.
If you do use the wifi, then it depends on the number of people on the wifi, the more devices, the less bandwidth you are going to have available.

Dont forget to make sure you have a charger also plugged in as you will drain battery faster than you think, as using mobile data uses up more power.

I streamed to caffeine using obs on my tablet and my phone as the camera and for mobile data, even that was a bit choppy occasionally and that was with a reasonable 4g signal and near to the outside.

I do it all the time connected to WiFi. I’ve uploaded streams no problem. Go for it!

Hey @mallive,
A couple of things to note here.
Our Gowanus site is equipped with a symmetrical 300Mbps fibre internet line shared by all artists onsite at the time of your booking.
In order to stream 4K video on Twitch you need around 9-10Mbps and to stream HD around 5-6Mbps.

Even during our peak times you should be able to get more than enough bandwidth for a livestream as devices get a fair-usage limit on the Wifi.

You can check the speed of the internet next time you are in a studio by going on
As Goldmaster mentioned, don’t forget your charger.

Little tip: If a DJ, Studios 3, 4, 5, 16 have excellent wifi

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I’ve had issues with recording directly to my laptop with the DJM 900 NXS2.

Is there a certain app I need?

Hey Oliver,
In order to record directly to your laptop you will need an audio interface that gets the audio feed from Master 2.
Alternatively, if you are an iPhone user, you can use the Pioneer DJ REC app

Check the link below for details.