UK update: opening for education March 8

Hi everyone,

Quick update on studios. All studio locations in England will be open on March 8th for educational and work purposes only — e.g. they are available if you cannot otherwise work at home. Capacity is normal, please respect the numbers on the booking page otherwise we’ll be forced to cancel your session.

No change for Scotland or Wales at this point, studios remain closed. Our Dublin location is also closed until April 5, when we’ll next review it.

For all other details check out the status bible:

Have a great weekend :surfing_woman:

Hey all — exciting news, Cardiff is open for work and education from this Monday 15th March @ 10:00am. Hope to see some of you make it back into the studios!

For the latest on safety measures, restrictions and studio opening times check out our status page. We’re updating it daily:

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