VR Music Video in a Discounted rate

A VR production in Los Angeles is running a promotion on 360 music video creation.
Check this music video for example-

This was done in 2 weeks, only green screen filming and CGI for under $2k. If you are interested in making a music video like that, including exposure on Oculus TV, feel free to reach out-

Id love to work and make a video like this. DM me @losmiggos this the vibe of music videos

Awesome! Cool stuff. I just did. I am @nirtheurbannomad

I like the look of this, I’ve contacted you via your website

Awesome. Thank you for your interest.
Generally speaking, a production like the video you just watch can run between 2-3 weeks (including 2 rounds of notes) and we currently offer a very low price for the production that can range around $2-4k in order to grow our content library. Depends on the models and worlds you would like to create. The green screen can be done remotely, which means we can work with anyone from across the world.

Regarding distribution, there are a few ways we can go about that. Our channel (Netzerland Studios) is on the trending list on Oculus TV (which is kind of like the Youtube of the Oculus platform) with almost 1M views. We offer to publish the video on our channel for the VR platforms to enjoy the momentum we already gathered. That will obviously include linking and features of the artist’s social media/spotify links and such online present. When it comes to the Youtube channel, that depends on the artist’s choice. Some will choose to put it on their Youtube channel and some would rather us have it on our Youtube channel, to join our growing VR content library and enjoy a wider exposure. In any case we will cross-promote and link to the artist channel or ours.

To discuss furthermore, please reach out to us via our site (