What are your creative goals for 2021?

Got a particular project you want to complete this year? I’d love to hear about it!

For me personally, I’m hoping to release an EP with a few songs I’ve had kicking around since lockdown. I’ve got no grand plans for it - just throw it out there and let my mum stream it a few times.

What’s your 2021 looking like creatively?


The main goal this year for me is to release a few more songs and make music videos for the artists I work with, last year I only managed to release 4 songs under one artist because of COVID, hoping this will change soon.

But I am also planning on being more active on my Beatstars (selling beatings), and Mixcloud (Recording and posting my DJ mixes).


My goal last year was to be good enough at mixing to play a set at the Pirate Christmas Party, but that didn’t work out because of gestures wildly — I think I’m going to keep it as my goal this year too. No pressure, eep.

I’m also really keen to create some micro-podcasts (10-15 minutes). I’m doing a psychology masters in my spare time and think it would be a great way to remember the models + theories and also improve my editing/production skills.


Got a big album/mixtape/project called “colours” that I’m releasing this summer, just secured some great features for it recently!

Main goal has to be live shows/playing at a festival if possible.

Also want to win more rap battles, perhaps even win The Academy on Premier Battles.


I’m starting a part-time music production course this week, so hoping to get a better grip of Ableton and work towards releasing my first song.

I’m also trying to record a mix every week just to keep up the practice and I’ll upload/share a mix each month to my Soundcloud. So a Soundcloud subscription will also needs to be bought!

I haven’t been engaging with this community as much as I’d like so I’m also going to try engage more often!


I would really like to release my first EP this year, and am taking this time being locked up to dive into Ableton properly as i have mostly used hardware (Roland tr-8s, various hardware synths) until now.
I also have a couple visual projects in the works that i would like to complete when things aren’t as locked down.


My main goals are to release a EP, 3 music videos (with at least one on GRM) and 3 singles separate from the EP. Want to have the EP cement my sound and create a clearer understanding of my artistry


Releasing music is the big one for me. I’m challenging myself to finish a track a week in 2021 with 2 completed so far this year.

Also buying more hardware! :alien: @Pear_Pirate got any recommendations?


A few plans: Would like to improve my mixing & mastering skills (in particular cleaning up and giving room for all elements in my mix), develop my sound more (find new little sounds I like and incorporate them into my productions), record a few more mixes, and perhaps getting a track signed if I can reach that level by the end of this year (deffo a stretch, but will give it a go, who knows!) :smiley:


Planning on doing exactly the same Dan.

This year will be about taking what I learned from 2020 and applying it my 2021 productions, so not point sitting any longer on the tracks made last year or they will never be put out.


Behringer 303 clone is like £120 and is one of the best sounding clones in my opinion so that’s a great place to start if you’re wanting to get into hardware!! Or korgs mini/mono are always a shout (also v cheap). If you’re wanting to do anything fully dawless you should look into the Arturia keystep pro as a mind to your setup (you can integrate it with your daw too it’s a beast either way)


Great project! Are you releasing them? I am happy to be a test listener :headphones:

@Ambz_Pirate Thanksss that’s the plan! Here’s what I have so far, keen to hear what you think of these:


I’m looking for someone to hopefully collab with as well as further develop my knowledge & understanding of music production!


Having a solid, tangible goal is great for getting stuff done! It’s a business cliche, but SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely) really do work!

I’ve had a load of projects ticking on for a long time, but it’s all behind-the-scenes stuff - I’m hoping I’ll be actuall releasing a couple of projects come December time and it’ll suddenly feel like I’m productive again!

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the work rate since this post though :fire:


haha thank you!

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How’s everyone going with their projects? I hear @MidnightManoeuvres is working hard! How are you getting on @DONKO, @Regards_Stephen, @Rob_oreilly?


My main goals this year is to start a new house event in Birmingham (venue 99% secured) I am also looking to release an E.P ready for the event which is -panned for the August bank holiday. I really want to try and get on here at least once a day and be a more active member of the community and work with as many people who I can. I wish you all the best with your own goals


Hey, cheers for the follow-up!
Finished a part time course on Ableton which was great. Having issues actually finishing the songs though. Never really happy with it.

DJing is going well. SoundCloud is lacking as I would like to come up with a DJ name before putting up another mix. Have a few in mind but struggling to decide. (SC will be my platform to try promote myself).
I have also been playing and learning from the private mixes I put up on mixcloud.

Looking forward to getting vaccinated and would love to play at something in Dublin when things open up. I’ll need to figure out where I might have a chance at playing though.

Hope everyone is staying safe & healthy :heart:

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