*7 DAY CHALLENGE - DJs* 30 min mix for digital gig slots and studio credit

Well! It’s been a while…

We’re coupling up with VRJam again to offer 2 slots for our event with them on 31st of this month!

You have to be able to get yourself to our hackney wick location on 31st may to enter this one, but don’t be disheartened if you’re from elsewhere as we are planning on throwing a lot more of these events in the not too distant future!

Standard rules, winner takes £50/$50/€50 studio credit and the headline gig slot. The runner-up will take £20 and an earlier slot.

Important bits

  • Final entries should be uploaded to SoundCloud and published to this thread (simply paste the link).
  • Closing date is Monday 24th April.
  • Feel free to use this thread to feedback to other members of the community or ask for tips, that’s what Community is all about!
  • Please limit your mix to 30 mins!
  • You MUST be available on May 31st and able to get to our hackney wick location to take part in the stream.

Here’s a link to the last comp we ran including images of what to expect from the virtual venue!


[My mix ]


My entry any feedback appreciated.

My entry for this competition. But I’m available only after 8:00 PM on that day. Good luck to everyone :raised_hands:t4:

Instagram: ofc_dj_mota

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Nice selection

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Hope I’m not too late entering this, only saw this about an hour ago, randomly selected a few songs from my collection and just improvised,
had to mix a bit of @LASWAVEHTS Bruce at 11:00

Just missed the deadline on this, but I just wanted to say I love that you run these competitions with no strings attached.

Usually with DJ comps it’s like “whoever gets the most likes/listens” wins (meaning you only really win if you’re already established), or you have to follow so and so and tag your mates accounts etc etc. I really like that this one is always just merit based. Top stuff!