hi all…I’m a complete newbie to this site even though I’ve known about the business from get go. I’m still figuring out how the site works but would just like to say a big hello to each and every one of you​:sunglasses::sunglasses:
I’m Cullis, from Tenby in South Wales,
Knows as Cult Vader in the hip hop world and Origin in the drum and bass scene… feel free to check out my sound cloud page and give me a


Sick mix Cullis mate and pleasure to meet you! Gotta love oldschool dnb vibes, can’t beat it


Cheers dude … I’ve not recorded a mix for a
While but got a new Evermix unit to record on and record cleaning spincare thingie so though I’d drop a few tracks the other night.


Welcome to Community! We’ve got a new mix live challenge if you’re interested - £500 credit up for grabs: 45 Minute Mix Challenge - DJs - Win £500 Studio Credit

Hi, how are you doing. I just saw your message. I quite new to. Only 9 weeks ago I had never seen a set of decks. I am getting better. Here is a wee video I made tonight. Probably not your cup of tea, but any feedback is appreciated.