**COMPETITION CLOSED** Plastician Sample Pack Challenge - Pioneer controller and £250 studio credit for the winner

Hey everyone, Plastician here.

My sample pack challenge is now live! To enter:

  • Download the sample pack here and get to work on your entry
  • The track you create must use some or all of the samples in the pack (no adding one or two to an existing song, I want to hear something created from scratch)
  • Upload your track to SoundCloud and then post it into this thread (you can do this by pasting the track link into your post)
  • You can also upload work in progress updates of your entries into the thread to get feedback on - a few Pirate staff from Community will be jumping in and listening / offering advice on your WIP
  • You have until midday Thursday to get your entry uploaded - I’ll be going through the top 10 entries on my Twitch channel at 7pm on Thursday and selecting a winner with help from a live vote from viewers.
  • Winner receives £250 studio credit, a Pioneer DDJ-200 controller and some pirate merch.
  • 2 runner ups will also receive £30 studio credit and Pirate merch.

I’ll be chatting through the pack and giving you a live demo on my Twitch channel on tonight - if you fancy tuning in to get some inspiration or find out more about the rules, tune in from 7pm UK time at 1 :fire:



:musical_note: :musical_note: :musical_note: :musical_note:


Lets do it!


Very excited to make some work i’m proud of and then lose all faith in my self the moment i check everyone else’s submissions :joy: :joy: :joy:


Haha! Know how you feel… But it’s not just about who’s the best producer - we’re after some creativity. Have fun with it!


stoked for this one!


Am on it :musical_keyboard: Something tells me I’m not gonna get much work done tomorrow :rofl:.


Had to bang it out tonight because i’m not about tomoz and thursday :sleepy:

P happy with it tho


Great entry @CalmStiege - massive effort to pull it together so quickly! Getting some serious 80s horror movie vibes, which the pack lends itself well too.

Welcome to Community by the way! We’ve also got a P Money remix competition live in the #challenges category - think you’d do pretty well at that. There’s also a #feedback-room where you can publish any WIP tracks you’re working on at the moment. We’ve assembled a team of producers, engineers and other artists to provide some useful feedback.

Good luck for Thursday!


This is great! Nice vibe - top work in a short space of time


Mad liking that glitch hop vibe

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sick sick yeah i saw that deffo going to have a go on that thanks!


thanks g. glad u liked it


Glad you rate it :grinning: means a lot from you!

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My first beat battle- anyone got any tips?

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Hey @LaurieP, my number one tip would be to approach the sample pack with an open mind. We’re after creativity and don’t expect everyone to work within the same genre. See where the sounds lead you and have a play around with it. This challenge isn’t about who’s the best producer - it’s about who does the most interesting thing with the samples they’ve been given.

In terms of how to approach it from a production point of view - it really depends on how you normally approach production. Personally, I’d start by exploring the pack and making note of a handful of sounds that you think you could do something with. I often find that it’s at this point that something will start to form in my head - this usually leads to the foundation of a track being built from a single sample.

Then I’d think about the structure of the song and how you want to map it all out - avoid getting stuck in an endless cycle of creating interesting loops with no view of how you want it structured.

Let me know if there’s anything more specific you want to cover. Happy to help!


Cheers Dan, feeling a bit more confident with that response!

Love the beat battle format and wanted to get involved for a while now, so I’m going to go ahead and follow that advice.

Will definitely post if there’s anything else, thanks😀


Feel free to upload a work in progress of your entry too - happy to feedback before you submit a final one!


Sadly I am busy for the rest of today so I tried to get as much done in the time I had. I managed to get very close to finishing this up though, quite happy with how this future electro type track turned out and I am excited to hear everyone else’s entries!

I managed to use 12 of the samples throughout, some I sampled to make instruments, some for drum patterns and others for effects.

Hope you enjoy and best of luck to all! :smiley:


Loved making this. Thanks for the challenge @Stish ! This is my second go, ended up just throwing away the first track after 3 hours, it just wasn’t going anywhere.

So, I managed to use 13 of the samples in the track. The main bulk of the song I took inspiration from the D#m bells loop, transcribed the tune to midi and threw some other instruments at it. Then played around with the length and notes, got some chords in there made off the back of the melody and just kept going until it felt complete. All of the drums were done solely using the samples from the pack and a bit of layering and EQing here and there etc.
There’s a lot more going on, besides but tried to stay true to the feel of the pack so it didn’t stray too far off track anywhere.

Hope you all enjoy, it’s a pretty mellow one for my usual tastes, but think it works…