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Post links to your latest releases here for the Irish community to like, comment on or share. Lets support each other!

Mix I done for Dublin Digital Radio

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That’s deadly man! listening now, nice mix!

Also you might want to check this thread out Become a DJ on isolate radio as they’re looking for DJ’s for isolate radio

Gent ! And yea I will man thank you

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No problem mate, might see you around in Pirate once we’re back open next week :wink:

Hello everybody. Here is my 2 mixes I quite like




Nice trance mix, gonna show my age here but kinda brings me back to Columbia Mills and the U.F.O. club with DJ Francois…if anyone else remembers that era LOL

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30 min techno mix I made for a competition. Working on an hour long one at the moment for the same group.

Listen to Frame Shift - Enigma Techno Mix by Rob O’ Reilly on #SoundCloud

Thought will share my recent mix too. Audio is out of sync with video after few minutes and I didn’t figured it yet why.

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