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We’re dedicating an entire section of the PIRATE.COM homepage (1.6m visitors per month) to music from our Community members.

Got a track you’d like us to feature? Submit it below (paste a link from SoundCloud) and we’ll give it a listen.

Try to tell us a bit about the track so we can really get under the skin of it. When did you write it? What inspired it? What sort of mood do you want it to evoke in the listener?

Look forward to hearing what you’ve got.




Yes please i’d be very grateful if you could feature our new release -

An account of the struggling artist, speaking truth to power


Hi Dan,

I would like to submit too, this is work in progress still, a lockdown collab and also has Gareth from pirate supplying bass on this, first track posted to pirate community



Would love to get on the homepage. I’m releasing this track on the 24th November so would be sick! It’s featuring S.A.M on the chorus and verse but also produced by $teev, one of my favourite producers to work with. The sound is just a party and vibe for anyone listen to try catch onto.


Talk To Me by Emperor Penguin (Feat. Orbis Max) has been #1 on the Radio Indie Alliance charts for the last two weeks.

The song is a collaboration between London’s Emperor Penguin and San Diego’s Orbis Max. Written and recorded over a couple of weeks in October 2020, this song goes out to everyone who feels lost and lonely and like they could use a sympathetic ear in these difficult times. It recalls a time when radio stations were there for people to call up in the middle of the night and talk to the D.J., maybe requesting a song, or getting advice. Music can help turn around any kind of bad situation one may be going through. And in the times we’re living in now, that’s a pertinent message. Hope you like the song. Promo video here:


Catchy tune this one! Where was it recorded out of interest?

Love it - stellar as always. God luck with the release tomorrow! Will the track be available everywhere?

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Welcome to Community @nc24951738! Enjoyed this track. It’s got that old school vibe to it - kind of like a cross between Springsteen, Beach Boys and some ELO with those tight harmonies in the chorus.

Was this recorded at home?

yeah will be on all streaming platforms from tomorrow!

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Cheers, Dan. Nice to be welcomed and thanks for listening! Beach Boys and ELO references spot on (in our dreams)! :grinning:
We usually rehearse at Pirate in Earslfield but this was all recorded at home during the Great Lockdown of 2020.

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Thanks Dan! This was recorded at Pirate. Mixed at home.


I wrote this track during the first lockdown to give me a project to focus on and to improve my recording skills. I recorded the vocals in Pirate Studios in Greenwich and it was released as a double A-Side single on Halloween. the other track on the single was a song called, ‘Be Careful What You Wish For’.

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New release, hope you guys enjoy! :slight_smile:
Appreciate the few minutes it takes to listen too, means a lot.


Another free download from myself got a few projects on the go atm. More content in coming.
Listen to Dare (Free Drum n Bass Download) Buy for free download link by PidgeDnB on #SoundCloud

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Banger! Thanks for sharing. What DAW are you using?


Ableton dude !! Thanks man

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Here’s my Track I would like to submit for the homepage

This has a old school Bassline vibe to it I did the vocals and my mate made the tune

Enjoy :sunglasses::sunglasses:


really enjoyed this, great mix, tight and big at the same time, nice result, love the vocal mix on it too, cool work!

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cheeky bass line for sure, lovin the vocal hook, nice one!