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I think the sequencer is better in the Behringer clone than in 99% of others man… even roland’s boutique series

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I’m new to pirate community but would like to put a quick mix out there for you all to enjoy


Listen to FUK by AKWARD on #SoundCloud


Some raw hip hop from the bleak hills of Pembrokeshire South Wales from my EP “Zenith Beach” produced and featuring Qred


Laidback Garage Track


Wrote this one while being in Greensboro, NC before moving to LA. That’s why I sounds so weastcoasty I guess.

Shout out to Diomer who we created it with!!


Hey Pirates,

Looking forward to getting back into the rooms after this lockdown business finishes!

In the meantime, here’s the title track from my debut album “Torch” which we recorded last year:

…a song that reflects that urge to burn every bridge and set it all aflame, those cold dark days when that feels like the best option to get warm again.

The CD is 9 original tracks recorded with acoustic and electric guitars, bass and live drums by Stefan Adler, recorded in Hessen at YourMusicPro Studios. I’m busy writing material for the next CD and dreaming of the day when I can go back on tour again.

Keep on rockin!
Ginger Wade

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This is my song called “Bilal”.

It was produced in house by one of my producers and was recorded in pirate studios!

It has been played on national radio and I have performed it at boiler room, keep hush, The Ends Festival and more.

The mood behind the song came from being on tour with Hardy Caprio. The day it was recorded we made about 5 other songs but this one was the one with the most authentic energy. There is a video of us recording it on my Instagram which received a lot of traction so I decided to push forward with the song.

The last thing I have to do is create a visual for it and I’m hoping I can find someone to collaborate with via pirate!


Sick trying track man! Love those lo-fi electric piano stabs. Do you have any initial ideas on where you would like to go with the visuals?

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I have not recorded/written or played anything in about 20 years.
So I decided to, during lockdown.
I have about 12 tracks in various states of completion.
Here are three that are on Soundcloud, at least. They are largely about the current pandemic of neo-populism. The last one is more about being in your own head - or seeming to be - around those who know you.


Thanks Pear!

I think the visuals have almost created themselves with the reaction to the song whenever I’ve taken it. I think I have enough footage to create a kind of performance montage to use as b-roll and I was thinking to do something fun and energetic like Busta Rhymes - Pass the Courvoisier or Missy Elliott - The Rain which is quite choppy and can bring out the energy and personality from the song to life.

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This whole album has been my response to not being able to go dancing or be around people. Bass heavy and dirty, made for playing live.


Oh my god pass the Courvoisier is such a good music video! Should I get on Mr.T and check his availability?

On a serious note though I’d be up for chatting more about ideas if you want to drop me a message!


This is the first original track I’ve produced.

In this track I sampled Ladysmith Black Mambazo. I wanted to evoke an emotional response from listeners, bringing a chilled out South African vibe.

If you have any constructive feedback let me know below, I’m still learning.


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Willow Crest “Look at Me”

Anyone alive here? :slight_smile:
I’m Leeds, UK based rock and punk singer songwriter producer.

Want to share with you my latest tune called “Cannibals love…”, will be part of my next EP L, also working on music video for it now.
Want to collaborate with great artists here so feel free to give me your feedback on songwriting, lyrics, vocals, guitars etc or DM.


Thank you

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Hey this was the first track I made in 2021, and I packed all the stuffed emotions from 2020 and all the years before it in there.
Also influenced by the people that had an influence and passed away or I had to get out of my life. I hope you guys like it!

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This was our latest single released last year. We’re a relatively new band from Reading so any feedback would be much appreciated. Hopefully we can all get out and gig soon!

Hey dunno if this is still happening but i have something to submit.

It’s a fun garage bubbler sampling the vocals of Mike Skinner from The Streets - Push Things Forward. This is literally one of those tracks in which everything came together. While I usually take weeks agonising over a song, (usually getting distracted by a new one before finishing) the majority of this was done within a couple hours. I think the song along with Mike Skinner’s lyrics reflect how a lot of us are feeling at the moment, we just want to have a little dance!


My track “Domino” was completely unplanned, I had freestyled this entire song and engineered the vocals myself. I am 16 years of age.
This track turned out to do pretty well on SoundCloud and recieved 1k+ algorithm plays.

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