**COMPETITION CLOSED** Wize beat challenge - MCs & VOCALISTS - Pioneer DDJ + £250 studio credit up for grabs

MC and Vocalists: UK Producer WIZE has given us not one, but two beats for you to play with. Download them both, see which one you fancy and put your best vocal / bars on it. As you work on the track, be sure to post your works in progress on here for feedback from other members and Pirate staff (it’s always good to get a fresh ear).

Final entries should be uploaded to SoundCloud and published to this thread (simply paste the link).

Also, don’t worry if you can only record something on your phone! This is about raw talent, not the best vocal production. However, if you really want a producer to help you out, why not head to the Collaborate category and ask for one!

The prize? £250 studio credit (oi oi) plus a Pioneer DDJ to sort you right out. Plus 2 x £100 credit for runners up.

You’ve got one month. (31st October - spooky.)

Download the beats here.

Boring bit: This beat is for competition purposes only, and is not meant for distribution/resale/promotion without artist permission.


yo these are proper sick gonna be a fun 26 days of doing something completely out of my style feeling dark arts


Nothing like stepping out of your comfort zone! Interested to hear what direction you go in. Which of the two beats are you thinking of using @atalenoire?

Dark arts I had a vocal line intro and chorus written for something I was producing for a genre spin challenge but I missed the entry and the lyrics re moulded slightly works ok within that beat and matches the dark arts title needs a whole bunch of work but it was 9 o’clock by the time I started on it last night so didn’t get much done as I like to be a good neighbour. Lol.

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Here’s my entry using the Dark Arts beat. I put the lyrics in the description too! :smiley:


Hey @Nics - just went to have a listen but the track appears to have been removed. Thought I’d flag in case something went wrong with the upload! Also, if you paste the link directly into your post it should embed the track so it can be played via this site.

Look forward to hearing what you’ve done with it!

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Thanks for letting me know, just fixed the link so should work now. Feel free to take a look :smiley:

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This bangs @Nics! So glad you published the words too - helped me appreciate the lyricism even more. Will definitely be showing WIZE this.

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Thank you so much!! Means a lot @Dan_Pirate

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Hey Nics - this is absolutely sick! Thanks for entering. About to blast this on the loudest speakers I have. :sunglasses: Everything sounds great in the mix to - vocals sound crisp. Did you record this in Pirate?

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Thanks, so appreciated! Didn’t record this one at Pirate, wrote, recorded and mixed it one night at home after @Dan_Pirate put in in the “Introduce Yourself” forum :smiley:

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This is sick :fire::fire::fire:

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Yo I wouldn’t really call these stems
aren’t they just instrumentals?
does that count as a stem?
news to me

or are these beats from tracks that have already been released?


Just saw this,

has to be said this is goooood
very energetic flow, also kinda surprising the way you fit some of them words in

You raise a good point @ANACUSIS. I’ve edited the original post to say beats rather than stems.

Really like the laidback style you’ve adopted on this one - some really interesting lyricism on show here too. Would love to hear a producer have a go at mixing this. Feel free to jump over to the #collaborate category and see if someone can have a play with it.

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Nice one! Really like Recharging… gna work on it…

Hi everyone I’m new here btw… :pray::star2: have a blessed week


Welcome @MariannaM-eye! Look forward to hearing what you do with the track.

Just checked out your profile and enjoyed the song you published. How long have you been writing for?


Love this mate, the flow is properly on-point as are the lyrics, you switch up your style really nicely between different sections

Hello To All

Hopefully this will get on the right page (not sure how to link other than using the soundcloud)- just a very crude recording on my mobile of lyrics to Wize’s Dark Arts production -

I really enjoyed this beat, its similar to what my son and I do, and hopefully will get to seriously work with someone or company to create, develop and bring more music to life, and hopefully actually release

Thank you


Ps - careful there’s a bit of distortion asides from the vocals :upside_down_face: