Welcome to Community - getting started

Find out how to share your works in progress, create your profile and connect with other members

Welcome! Community is a private, artist-only space for producers, vocalists, MCs, DJs and musicians to share their works in progress with other creatives away from fans and spectators.

Here’s 5 quick things to help you get started on Community (if you prefer your info via video, skip these and watch the 3 videos below).

  1. Read our guidelines to help you get the best experience out of the forum.
  2. Struggling to finish a track? Share your works in progress (WIP) with Pirate staff and other members to The Feedback Room. We’ll be there to help you get your work release-ready.
  3. Make sure you’ve completed your profile. It allows you to showcase your finished and WIP music, as well as be discovered by other members in the Artist Directory. Our Artist Directory will be little small at the moment, but rest assured, it will grow over the coming months!
  4. If you’d like, pop into the Introduce Yourself thread and say hello to a few of us at Pirate (you don’t have to be as detailed as we’ve been, a simple hello is fine).
  5. Community is very much an evolving beast. If you have any thoughts on how we can make it better, feel free to drop them in the Suggestions Box.

Other than that, go and explore - there’s plenty to do. For a bit more info, here’s 3 quick videos from me.

Part One - Create Your Profile:

Part Two: Share Your Work In Progress Music:

Part Three: Collaborate With Other Members:

Getting back here
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What is Pirate?
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