Suggestions Box

We want Community to continue to grow and evolve over time. Got any suggestions to help us make this place as good as it can be? Let us know in the comments.

Feel free to be as honest as you like, we’re genuinely keen to know what you’d like to see from us in the coming months and what you think of what we’ve made so far.

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I like the clean feel of it, just waiting to see how it is when it’s really busy and how the nesting of comments works relative to thread counts etc…it’ll be interesting to see the patterns of how people will post i.e will they reply in threads on certain topics or create new and multiple threads on the same topic? may need to sticky some things if that’s the case for clarity and less clutter.

As a suggestion maybe down the road have a section of Community that is open to music supervisors, publishers, A&R etc who are scouting for new material?


Also maybe you could be a little less strict on the word filtering… Can’t post my Bl**dy Valentine for instance without getting censored…what the Hll is that about? lol it’s a dmn nuisance :wink:

Good shout @Pirate_Gareth! We’ve removed a few words that shouldn’t have been on there. No more shoegaze censorship :smiley:

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Well at least you’re happy then @Dan_Pirate :rofl: :rofl:

Might be a handy thing if there was a section for somewhat misc tips and tricks like how to coil cables, tuning drums or how to use the focusrite drivers.

these could be in the form of little pictures or maybe even short videos post by us site techs or indeed members of the community.


What about a dark mode?


Also I think sections dedicated to DJ’s, Podcasts and Bands would be good much like the production section. i.e

  • In DJ section they could post their mixes, look for good tips and tricks, share insight on the CDJ and DJM’s and interesting things to do with them in your mix. Also they could advertise looking for new tracks from our production community to submit to them to include in their sets.

  • Similarly with podcasts those producing podcasts could have a section to post links to their podcasts, shout outs looking for guests, discussion topics for ideas for their podcasts etc.

  • Band section could cover all things rehearsal related as Alex said above but also could have threads advertising for support bands etc (if we ever get live music back) also might be a way to encourage them to also engage with the production community if they are looking for producers, engineers or remixers

Also I think maybe a buy and sell classifieds section wouldn’t go amiss where people can advertise their used gear for sale on ebay etc

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Good call

Some of these are coming soon! I am a self-proclaimed podcast guru (yes, even did my master’s thesis on it) so very keen to dive in. P.S. Happy international podcast day! :nerd_face:


perhaps down the road it would be interesting to have a sample bank that users can upload to for others to use. Things like found sounds, loops (drums, guitars etc) or sample packs like drum kits, maybe even from pirate’s studios themselves. maybe us site techs could put some together?


Loving this idea, building a Pirate Studios sample library would be fantastic!

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(a Swamp Cat in discord)
love this idea of the website, very positive for up an comers. i think if traction is more difficult to sustain on here as opposed to the Pirate discord, maybe can just run both at the same time so that the fan base that have used that prior to the site will always have a place to post. much love guys!

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Hey! thanks for the feedback. This is a great idea - we’re currently in the works of making some Drum tutorials, I’ll pass on a Drum tuning tutorial to our team. In the meantime I’ll have a dig and see what I can find for the time being.

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Hey Modelle - welcome to Community!

Understand it’s a big change migrating from one to the other - but we’re really excited for Community to grow bigger and better than our Discord - we’ll be eventually retiring it when Community is fully fleshed out.

We’re in the process of on-boarding more producers and MC’s/Vocalists, which will eventually expand into all kinds of musicians. We’ll also be posting exclusive content on here - everything from comps to Q&As etc.

If you have any more suggestions of how we can make the whole forum better or general feedback (good or bad) - post in here :slight_smile:


sounds great to me mate! i did the maxsta competition and also entered the p money competition and i think the platform is really positive for producers who aren’t so social media focused, like myself. provides a constructive and productive option to gain exposure to new audience in a community of people that are just trying to get better and learn. I think it’s sick to see a big company with resources and funding offer that to people for free without it just being all about the companies sole benefit. quite rare these days haha


Thanks for the feedback @Modelle! We’ve got a lot more planned for Community so it’s great to have you on board.

Is the #feedback-room something you think you’ll use when working on new material?

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cheers dan! i have been lucky to grow up around a few really talented musicians and im fortunate that they give me really good, honest critical feedback for most/all stuff i work on. mostly, i just trust my own idea’s and criticism much more now i’m older with a lot more experience writing. So i much prefer to show people tracks when i consider them finished or finished with an imperfect mix. Helps me not to leave projects unfinished forever, y’know lol. but i know how important that feature is for everyone on here! for the first few years producing i didn’t have anyone to tell me how i needed to improve honestly and technically and i would have loved to have had a positive forum to get feedback on like this, that i could upload my work to. i was doing the same with soundcloud and just hoping people would randomly find my stuff haha

That being said tho, i do intend to upload some tracks to my work in progress in the future, just thinking of stuff that i think people on here would benefit from hearing in a WIP state - unfinished remix comp versions i didn’t submit etc.

I’m new here and not sure if it already is and I’ve missed the memo lol so apologies if so but I’d love to have this as an app as opposed to having to navigate on browser when on my phone.

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Hey, an app would be great but for now you can add the link to a browser page to the home screen of your phone.
I have an android and unsure about iOS but if you check the 3 dots at the top right of the screen there is an option to add to your home screen and it works very similar to an app.


Hope this helps!